Customize every aspect of your website’s header effortlessly with BlogyWP. Let’s explore the options to create a captivating header that reflects your unique style.

1. Header

1. Enable Sticky Header? Toggle this switch button to enable or disable the Sticky Header feature. When enabled, the header will remain visible at the top of the page even when scrolling down.

2. Enable Header Top Line? Toggle this switch button to enable or disable the Header Top Line. When enabled, a top line will be displayed above the header.

3. Select Columns: 2 or 3 Choose between a two-column or three-column layout for your header.

4. Adjust Header Column Layout Customize the layout of your header columns by sorting the elements to match your needs. Head to Appearance > Customize > Header to access these options.

  • Column 1
    • Logo: Upload your site’s logo here.
  • Column 2
    • Primary Menu: Add your main navigation menu.
    • Social Icons: Display social media icons.
    • Button: Include a button in the header.
    • HTML Box: Insert custom HTML content.
  • Column 3
    • Social Icons: Additional social media icons.
    • Search: Include a search bar in the header.
    • Button: Another button option.
    • Primary Menu: Secondary navigation menu.
    • HTML Box: Additional custom HTML content.

2. Mobile Header

1. Logo Image Upload a logo specifically for the mobile version of your site.

2. Logo Size Adjust the size of the logo for the mobile header.

3. Select Mobile Header Layout Choose between two layout options: center logo or left logo.

4. Enable Search Button? Toggle this switch button to enable or disable the search icon on the mobile header. Access these options under Appearance > Customize > Mobile Header.

3. OffCanvas

1. Menu Arrange the layout of the menu items for the off-canvas menu.

2. Buttons Customize the layout of buttons in the off-canvas menu.

3. Social Icons Arrange the social media icons for the off-canvas menu. Find these settings under Appearance > Customize > OffCanvas.

4. Header Elements

1. Logo Upload and customize your site’s logo.

2. Buttons Customize buttons that appear in the header.

3. Social Icons Manage social media icons displayed in the header.

4. HTML Add custom HTML content to the header. Access these options by navigating to Appearance > Customize > Header Elements.